Monday, June 22, 2015

Terax Hair Care Review

Hey Y'all!
So I know I'm not a hair professional nor do I claim to be but today I have a hair care review. 
This is for Terax Italia Crema hair conditioner.
I had never heard of this brand and still haven't seen or heard of it anywhere else but what was sent to me. I had no clue I was being sent this so I was not prepared to do a review, so for today's review I've only used it twice and only used 2 of the products. 
So this is what the product looks like. I think it's a full size repair conditioner and then samples of the same and moisturizing conditioner and shine color locking leave in conditioner. 
The restorative conditioner so far is really good. You're supposed to remove as much water from your hair as possible and then put this in for a few minutes and rinse. I did that the first time and found myself usin a ton of product as my hair is extremely long and thick. This product does not spread out without water, it goes where you put it. So because of this the second time I tried it I left more water in my hair and it spread out a lot better. 
This conditioner made my hair extremely soft! And for me that's sayin somethin. My hair is super coarse and thick like actual horse hair and it's also very frizzy from years of color/perm damage. I could actually run my hands through my wet hair and I can hardly ever do that when my hair is wet. My hair was so soft it wouldn't hold my curl all day. That's a good sign but also not. Gol. Maybe I'll apply less next time. 
The shine leave in conditioner made my hair so super shiny. It was beyond any shine it's ever had. It looked alive and vibrant and made my color look better. 
This is a pic of my hair in the sun to show the shine. I love the way it looked and felt. 

You can just see how fluffy and light my hair looks. It also seemed to help my split ends look a lot better too. 

So I found out this product is available at Ulta anywhere from $22 for a 6.7oz to $58 for a 16oz. 

Overall I really like this product, but for that price tag I don't think I would purchase this myself. It is really good and maybe if I bought it and used it more for special occasions or vacations it would be worth it but for everyday or in my case weekly use, I don't think I would continue to pay that price tag. 

Hope y'all enjoyed this little review, we'll be back to nails tomorrow. 

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